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In this day and age there are many voices clamoring to be heard. Everyone has an answer and an opinion. But what if there were only one voice to be heard? Only one opinion? I along with other like minded people have been seeking, knocking and asking. For a surety there are two voices speaking in the world today. One voice is saying "take your life in your own hands as you see your own needs". The other voice is saying "give up your life, follow me, give me control of your life". The first voice mentioned here seems to be the most popular. So the obvious decision here is to hear the second voice "give up your life" and go with the minority. For with this voice if we follow will lead to a very narrow road. This road is not the scenic route either. Most maps will tell you that it doesn't even exist. In fact if you travel this path everyone around you will do everything in their power to get you off of it. I sincerely hope you have already made a decision to take this road, and since so few choose it may we see each other often in the fellowship on it. If you have not made this decision I pray that you would follow this journey. Shalom, Chris

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Name or not The Name?

Is a name truly important? Some of us go to great lengths to name our children. We buy books, peruse lists, even ask others opinions. We don't want others to be able to shorten, nickname or tease our precious children. Is that what is truly important?
When my youngest son (Justice) was seven he taught me a great lesson. He accidentally broke my mothers storm lantern candle thingy. Thinking that it would be better to protect my son and say that I broke the lantern, I told him I would take care of it. His response was "daddy isn't that lying! I was shocked to say the least, but convicted nonetheless. I told him yes that would be lying and that his responsibility as a "man?" would be to own up to it. I learned a good lesson that day. I also reflected on the meaning of his name "Justice". For he was true to his name that day.
If someone who is angry calls you by your name it effects you! If someone refuses to call you by your name it effects you! But there is one way that I will put under the microscope so to speak. If someone calls you by your name with Love, that also will effect you!
So it truly is important how we say or don't say a name. The point I am getting to is this. How important is the Creator of the universe's Name? More importantly can we change His name and know that we are talking to the same person? Well I think it is important that we get His word on the matter before we come to any conclusions.

1. {The name god}. The hebrew for this name is the "gimel, dalet" or "gawd". The reference is from Isaiah 65:11. This reference is to the fortune deity. In the strongs reference it appears 4486 times. 2606 times the actual word is Elohim. When I began to study this out I found that something just wasn't right.
In the original hebrew text Elohim is spelled "aleph, lamed, hey, yood, mem." These hebrew letters are the plural of the word "Eloah", "aleph, lamed, yood, hey."
2. The word Elohim appears by itself from the beginning of Genesis 1 thru Genesis 2:3. Then there is a change.
3. {The title lord}. This appears 7,838 times. The hebrew for this is "yood, hey, vav, hey". I encourage you to search this out for yourself.
4. To sum up; Most every time in the scriptures that you see the word "god" the actual word should be "Elohim". Most every time you see the word"lord" the actual name should be
5. the lord god is not and never was our creator's name.
His name properly transliterated is "YHWH Elohim" written thousands upon thousands of times.

So for next time. Is it important that we speak His name?
Shalom, Chris

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