To Hear and Obey

In this day and age there are many voices clamoring to be heard. Everyone has an answer and an opinion. But what if there were only one voice to be heard? Only one opinion? I along with other like minded people have been seeking, knocking and asking. For a surety there are two voices speaking in the world today. One voice is saying "take your life in your own hands as you see your own needs". The other voice is saying "give up your life, follow me, give me control of your life". The first voice mentioned here seems to be the most popular. So the obvious decision here is to hear the second voice "give up your life" and go with the minority. For with this voice if we follow will lead to a very narrow road. This road is not the scenic route either. Most maps will tell you that it doesn't even exist. In fact if you travel this path everyone around you will do everything in their power to get you off of it. I sincerely hope you have already made a decision to take this road, and since so few choose it may we see each other often in the fellowship on it. If you have not made this decision I pray that you would follow this journey. Shalom, Chris

Thursday, September 9, 2010

She found beauty in his eyes

              It's been a little while since I posted last. I was looking at my wife's website  and then the one where she and my daughter have one together. My wife Moira has a website called "blessed", truly I am blessed that my mate has a heart for YHWH. I can't imagine the trial of an unbelieving mate. We are intended to be a check and balance system. Neither one complete without the other. I once wondered what I would do if she was taken by YHWH. I once thought I would marry again. I personally have never met someone as special as my wife. As I look at other people in my day to day doings, I realize that she is the one whom YHWH has joined me with. Is it not to complete me that I may be found to be (beauty/grace) in His eyes? For surely she has been found beautiful in my eyes. No she is not perfect but in Messiah who she loves, she is!

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Ken Cagle said...

I feel the same way. I don't think it would be fair to another woman if I remarried. Margaret has set the bar so high, I would always be comparing the two.
It is a HUGE blessing to have found the other half who completes us in YHWH.