To Hear and Obey

In this day and age there are many voices clamoring to be heard. Everyone has an answer and an opinion. But what if there were only one voice to be heard? Only one opinion? I along with other like minded people have been seeking, knocking and asking. For a surety there are two voices speaking in the world today. One voice is saying "take your life in your own hands as you see your own needs". The other voice is saying "give up your life, follow me, give me control of your life". The first voice mentioned here seems to be the most popular. So the obvious decision here is to hear the second voice "give up your life" and go with the minority. For with this voice if we follow will lead to a very narrow road. This road is not the scenic route either. Most maps will tell you that it doesn't even exist. In fact if you travel this path everyone around you will do everything in their power to get you off of it. I sincerely hope you have already made a decision to take this road, and since so few choose it may we see each other often in the fellowship on it. If you have not made this decision I pray that you would follow this journey. Shalom, Chris

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

But I and my house, we serve יהוה

               There are many words in the english language. There are also many definitions and contexts for each word. Many of those definitions are abstract in their form. Meaning the exact definition is based on someones interpretations or even. Hebrew is not so, it's meanings are concrete, meaning there is a clear definition. Even more they convey a picture to the mind of the hearer that is easy and clear to understand. Many people myself included do not understand the catch phrases we throw around so often. Have you ever struggled with finding the right word to convey a message. The best way I have found is to describe a picture that someone is familiar with. How about all the fancy words we use but have no clear definition of.
                Entire doctrines and philosophies float around single words. They give a foggy understanding of concepts that are critical to our knowing YHWH. Yet so many are content with their current knowledge. Are the scriptures to be understood in this manner? So let's look at the following passages of scripture.

Deu 31:11 when all Yisraʼĕl comes to appear before יהוה your Elohim in the place which He chooses, read this Torah before all Yisraʼĕl in their hearing.
Deu 31:12 “Assemble the people, the men and the women and the little ones, and your sojourner who is within your gates, so that they hear, and so that they learn to fear יהוה your Elohim and guard to do all the Words of this Torah.
                 Can you imagine this being done, it would be incredible to have an entire nation taking part in this. Sadly the scriptures tell us of few times that this took place. Joyfully when it did there was great teshuva(repentance) when it did happen. But what if  they had to get out their websters dictionary, and the strongs concordance, and the writings of men long dead? No one would agree ever on what the pure Torah contained. This is what we are doing right now. Many of us have left the lies given to us from our forefathers and are returning to the Torah. We have left off pagan feasts and festivals of false gods. Rather than sun god worship we desire YHWH and His spoken word. We have returned to the Hebrew roots of our faith.
                    For awhile now I have been searching out the meaning of phrases found primarily in the New Covenant writings. The Messiah gives us so much instruction yet it is hard to understand in it's context. Many will say that you have to understand The Torah first and I agree. Yet why would we believe that The Messiah spoke greek? Not that He couldn't have, He probably created it when he confused the languages at babel.
1. He is The Word made flesh
2. He spoke the same words He had spoken in The Torah
3. He taught his talmidim(disciples) they were to speak the same word

                 I have found some interesting things as I study between the greek translation and The original Hebrew. First I will say that this is all to better understand who The Messiah is and what He has told us to do.
At first I was disturbed by what I was finding; words like faith, hope, chastity, joy, wisdom, peace and grace were not clearly definable. So I set out to find their Hebraic meaning. Now I was beginning to understand principles set out from the foundations of the earth. What I found though in the greek was beyond disturbing. All the words faith, hope, charity, joy, wisdom, peace and grace are pagan in their origins. Look for yourselves, the greek names given to the gods of greece in 600 to 800 b.c.e. are the same words translated from the hebrew in 150 to 300 c.e.. Are these concepts that are acceptable for those of us seeking to walk as The Messiah? Do they describe His Beauty to us? I think the following verse sums it up for me and my family.

Jos 24:15 “And if it seems evil in your eyes to serve יהוה, choose for yourselves this day whom you are going to serve, whether the mighty ones which your fathers served that were beyond the River, or the mighty ones of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But I and my house, we serve יהוה.”

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